CEP Womens Dynamic+ 3/4 Base Tight, Women

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80% Polyamide/20% Elastane
Machine Wash

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Super Enhance for Quads and Hamstrings
The CEP Base ¾ Tight is specifically made to meet the rigors of activity that a quality undergarment. The knit compression short provides Enhance to all of the thigh muscle groups to provide Enhance all the way through use and reduce the risk of injury. Having well supported muscles will speed recovery from minor strains. The seamless quad construction ensures a superior fit for high motion activities. The ¾ length adds coverage over the knee for additional warmth; the panel in the back of the knee is lightweight to ensure it won’t bunch or inhibit movement. The CEP Base ¾ tights will give you confidence to enjoy your sport and go all out every time.

Comfort and Keep watch over
The progressive compression profile of the CEP Base ¾ Tights ensures proper blood float for thigh muscles. The comfortable elastic top band helps to ensure that the CEP Base ¾ tights don’t move until you need them to. This under layer will keep you protected and energized for even the longest workouts.

Don’t worry about wearing out CEP Base ¾ Tights any time soon! You’ll wear and wash over 150 times; that kind of durability means you could wear them every other day for a year!

Buy with Confidence

80% Polyamide/20% Elastane
Machine Wash
COMFORT & CONTROL: Enjoy superior Enhance with knit compression for the thigh muscles. Not only will this compression Enhance your muscles as you train, but it can also aid in recovery from muscle strains and get you back in the game after minor injuries.
COMPRESSION: Engage in long, high-motion activities with ease as a result of 10-15mmHg compression technology that improves circulation and improves blood float to thigh muscles. You’ll be able to focus on your sport rather than on your legs.
DESIGN: Stay comfortable with the features of running tights, including an elastic top band and seamless quad construction. Feel free to get out there and move with a 3/4 length that exposes your calves whilst still supporting your knees.
PROTECTION: Panels in the back of the knees prevent the fabric from bunching at the knee, giving you the freedom to participate in high-motion activities without worry. This under layer will keep you protected and energized for even the longest workouts.
QUALITY: Wear your Dynamic+ 3/4 Base Tights every other day for a year with confidence. They’re proven to last for more than 150 washes, saving you time and cash with no need for any other tight.

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